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hi Rustam Its me from the english WikiIslam. I'm thinking we can make a "forum" page for general discussion and link it in the left menu (below Main Page and above Recent changes). Whats the correct translation for 'forum'. Would it be "форум"? Also can you check the machine translation for me on this link [1]. Its probably not right. --Axius (обсуждение) 04:50, 18 апреля 2013 (MSK)

hi, Axius,

Yes, "форум" is a correct translation for 'forum'. I've corrected some translation errors on this link [2]. Thank you for pointing out that page --Rustam (обсуждение) 19:40, 18 апреля 2013 (MSK)

Great thanks for fixing that guys.
1. (rephrasing): Are you guys ok with opening the RU site to the public? I'm thinking we can remove the red links (some have been resolved) (see messages on the EN site). Remaining red links can be moved to a tasks list: ([[ВикиИслам:Tasks]] (tasks=задачи?)) and redirects from our side can be fixed so they land directly on your site. You would be glad to know that the RU version of Allah hu akbar is currently the 10th most popular page among all pages of the English site.
2. Here are some suggestions. Implement as you wish: In the side bar (MediaWiki:Sidebar), a 'Forum' page can be made: ВикиИслам:Форум with something like this at the top (example of our forum page: en:WikiIslam:Forum/Ideas_and_Suggestions):. This is the code that gives a + sign and a link to "create a new section" for the forum page:
<center>[[Image:Crystal Clear action edit add.png|15px]] {{plainlink|url={{SERVER}}/w/index.php?title=WikiIslam:Forum/Ideas_and_Suggestions&action=edit&section=new '''New section'''}} | New user? <span class="plainlinks">[{{fullurl:Special:Userlogin|type=login}} '''Create account'''] </span></center>
It uses the plainlink template: en:Template:Plainlink. It also uses the qif template: en:Template:Qif.
There should also be a header at the forum page that says something like "This discussion page is only to be used for discussing improvements for this site. For discussions and debates about Islam, please visit other website forums."
The forum page can be linked below the main page. The tasks page can be linked below this newly created Forum page. --Axius (обсуждение) 04:48, 19 апреля 2013 (MSK)