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From the EN site

hi all, I'm assuming this is the right page to make for the forum (according to the discussion here). I had some items/issues:

  1. I made a new policy that says basically that RU site users are free to administer their site (reverts, blocks etc) in the way that they think is suitable for them (as long as it follows our core guidelines). This means you probably wont see much activity from anyone on the EN site here unless its an emergency (like excessive vandalism) or a minor assistive edit that we are certain of.
  2. If any of you translates an article, could you also make links on the english articles like [[ru:Медицина_в_Исламе]], like how I made it here[1]? This will save us some steps. Or drop a note on our forum page with the link to the new article and the english equivalent and we'll take care of it.
  3. A user Egorko is working on the EN version of en:Sahih. I asked them to import the content here so they should be here soon. http://wikiislam.net/wiki/User:Egorko/Sandbox
  4. This is for Claustrum: Are uploads for both sites going into the same place? For example how to access this image on the RU site, from the EN site? [2]. I know that the RU site can access EN images (with how you made the EN db as the default image source for the RU site) but I dont know if the reverse is possible or what's the right solution so images can all work cross-domain. I tried a few things here to make the image come up: en:User:Axius/Sandbox17

thanks --Axius (обсуждение) 01:21, 17 мая 2013 (MSK)

4. No, the EN site can't access to the images uploaded to the RU site, so I just moved the file here. — Claustrum (обсуждение) 04:02, 17 мая 2013 (MSK)
Great, thanks for the changes to the upload notice and for importing the Sahih article. --Axius (обсуждение) 05:24, 17 мая 2013 (MSK)